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A new friend....

To become your lifelong friend, your new pet will need some guidance from you as well as preventive health care and maintenance. Vaccinations are crucial and begin as early as six or eight weeks of age.

To help you keep track, print out these lists of Puppy Shots or Kitten Shots and keep on your refrigerator or calendar until your new pet has grown up a bit. Of course, your veterinarian may have a different set of shots or schedule of dates, but this type of reminder may be useful.

...needs your help

Your veterinarian can help you with medical and health care issues, and he or she probably can refer you to trainers, groomers and boarding facilities in your area. Ask about books and videos for new pet owners, too. There are several available that may give you confidence in your training program, or just shed a little light on the nature of your cat or dog.

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Updated September 2013
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