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We specialize in small animal medicine and surgery. Our veterinary hospital limits our practice to treating dogs and cats.

After Hours Emergencies Allergy Testing Blood Pressure Monitoring
Dental Care and Radiography Heartworm Prevention and Treatment Hospitalization
Laboratory and Diagnostics New Pet Exams New Patients
Referral to Specialist Routine Annual Exams Senior Exams
Surgery Info/Consent Tonopen Eye Pressure Testing Ultrasound and Diagnostic Imaging

After Hours Emergencies

One of our staff of veterinarians is on call for after hour emergencies up until 10 p.m. for our clients only. When one of our staff is not available, or if the emergency will require more intensive treatment, we refer our clients to one of the emergency clinics in Indianapolis:

Our answering service will guide you in knowing whether our vet will be calling you back or you need to contact an emergency center at a different number.

Allergy Testing

We are set up to do allergy testing on animals through the RAST or ELIZA blood tests. These are done on blood drawn from your pet and sent to a lab to measure the antibodies called IgE that go along with allergy reactions to common allergy triggers such as house dust, pollen and othrs.

If such allergies exist, a treatment plan can be instituted with allergen injections to reduce the allergic reaction your pet will have to the allergens. This reduces the need for other medicines such as steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines. Food allergy testing can be done with either the blood test or with food we have available to do food allergy elimination testing.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We can measure blood pressure in dogs and cats with our non-invasive Doppler blood pressure monitoring equipment. Many animals, like people, have high blood pressure that can go undetected and cause a host of other life threatening problems or even blindness. Early detection of hypertension can help reduce these secondary problems. Routine blood pressure monitoring can be done during our routine exam of your pet and also is used during surgical procedures.

Dental Care

We are equipped to do routine dental cleanings and extractions on cats and dogs of many sizes and ages.

We have many different anesthesia agents and protocols that allow for safe anesthesia required for the complete and thorough cleaning and polishing that pets need for good dental health. We also offer dental radiography and high speed drill to enable us to offer full service dental care.

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Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

We offer Canine Heartworm Prevention Guidelines for all clients as well as treatment. We follow the American Heartworm Society's guidelines for prevention and management of heartworm infection, which recommend heartworm preventative medicine to be given monthly year round, and an annual heartworm test performed on all dogs. You may read our guidelines or visit the AHS Web site.

Learn more about current heartworm treatments by reading our checklist.


Our hospital is equipped to hospitalize patients for treatment of surgery, trauma or disease. We have a full array of fluid pumps to facilitate consistent and safe fluid administration to animals, an isolation room to keep infectious problems away from our other patients, and cages with blankets and towels for the warmth and comfort of the hospitalized pet.

We do not, however, have 24 hour staffing but can arrange for transfer to an emergency center for 24 hour intensive care if your pet needs that during the late evening hours that we are not open.

Laboratory and Other Diagnostics

Our hospital is equipped with the capability to do in-house testing of certain blood chemistries, urinalysis, fecal exams, feline leukemia (FIV) testing, and heartworm tests, as well as many other common tests. Our canine heartworm testing includes a screening for Lyme disease and Erlichiosis (common diseases transmitted by ticks).

Our in-house testing allows us to quickly sceen patients for common blood, kidney, and liver ailments before procedures such as surgery or heartworm treatments. We also have a twice-a-day courier service connecting us with a national animal lab that can obtain just about any test done on animals today in an expedient manner.

New Puppy and Kitten Exams

We enjoy helping owners get a good start on the best medicine and treatment of their new pets. As soon as you get your new friend, we encourage a medical examination so that we can review its medical record and recommend testing, treatment and vaccinations that are currently due, or plan your pet's future course of routine treatments. We will have advice for common housetraining and behavior problems, or referrals to professionals who can help in more in-depth consultation and training.

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Referral to Specialists

We are set up with many different specialty centers in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois to refer cases that require special treatment from the specialists there. Many cases will benefit from the care of the Board Certified Specialists such as surgeons, cardiologist, oncologists, internal medicine specialists, emergency care specialists, and ophthalmologists who are available within a one or two hour drive from Bloomington.

If you are interested in referral, our office will arrange for the transfer of important information from our records and assist you in setting up the appointment at the appropriate specialty center.

Routine Annual Exams

Pets need to be examined at least yearly. At our exams, we look at your animal and ask questions that help us determine whether there are health issues that need to be addressed. Many times these are issues that the owner hasn't noticed or didn't know was a problem for the animal. We can recommend routine vaccinations, tests and treatments that can help your pet live as long and as good a quality of life as possible.

Senior Exams

Senior pets need special care. They need to be examined once or twice a year at least, so that the special health issues that go along with aging can be monitored.

Wellness testing, including blood and urine tests, are recommended to obtain baseline data of your pet's health. In addition, wellness testing can uncover problems that affect your pet's health but may not be apparent yet.

When specific problems have been identified, we may recommend testing and monitoring even more often. Arthritis problems, kidney and heart problems, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and high blood pressure are all common ailments of older pets that can be relieved or controlled through treatment and monitoring in the initial stages, if caught early.

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Tonopen Eye Pressure Testing

Many eye problems can be diagnosed and monitored in-house with our state-of-the-art equipment to measure eye pressure. This non-invasive, hand-held Tonopen can quickly tell if your animal has glaucoma. Glaucoma can lead to blindness if not treated as soon as the pressure of the eye goes above normal. Clinical signs can hint at glaucoma but a definitive measurement of the pressure is needed before treatment can begin. Even while on treatment, monitoring of the pressures is needed to diagnose the need for treatment changes.

Ultrasound and Diagnostic Imaging

Our facilities include a full range of diagnostic imaging capabilities. This includes the ability to do thoracic and abdominal ultrasounds as well as pregnancy ultrasounds. We have the capability to radiograph animals from small kitten size to extremely large dogs.

We have an automatic X-ray processor to allow quick, consistent film processing. We are able to do radiographs for OFA certification of dogs' hips and elbows. We also can send our radiographs and ultrasound tapes to a veterinary radiologist for evaluation and confirmation of our diagnosis.

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